Kevin Hart Net Worth In 2015

It may be amusing for you to know that Kevin Hart used to be nothing more than a shoe salesman. It took him years of hard work and effort into becoming a successful and a well-known comedian and actor in the Hollywood industry. Working his way up the comedic ladder included years of performances at the local comedy clubs in Philadelphia and some of them in New England. His hard work however, ended up giving him a prominent role in popular movies like The 40 year old virgin or Little fockers or perhaps soul plane. It was only after landing these roles did he started making gaining fame at a rapid pace and his net worth continued to increase with each passing day. His recognition in the world of comedy knew no parallel when he got his stand up performance featured in Comedy Central’s “I’m a grown little man” in 2009 and again in 2010 in “Seriously Funny”.

Kevin Hart

Born in 1979, the talented comedian and actor has made a huge amount of money with his career as a stand-up comedian. This can be accentuated by highlighting the fact that his 2013 comedy tour named “Laugh at my pain” grossed around $15 million as per the reports of It has been estimated that the actor landed roles in popular movies like “Get Hard”, “Think Like A Man To”, and “The Wedding Ringer” which earned him a total of around $28.5 million. According to, Kevin Hart has a net worth of around $62 million as of the year 2015.

Kevin Hart

But Hart seems to be in no way planning to stop there. Since he’d be starring in “Ride Along 2” in the upcoming year along with writing for a number of movies, producing a few of them, and taking a couple of comedy tours, his net worth is destined to increase many folds in the years to come.

Kevin Hart

The unparalleled skill and talent that Kevin Hart possesses in the world of comedy has earned him a spot in the Forbes celebrity 100 list back in 2013 and again in 2015. It is noteworthy that none of the other comedians except Jerry Seinfeld has managed to earn a spot in Forbes. At the Acapulco Black Film Festival in 2014, he managed to earn the “Artist of the year” award. A few of the other awards that he has earned so far may include and are not confined to the MTV movie award, CinemaCon, BET award, and a USA award.

Kevin Hart

Considering the above mentioned information, you are now familiar with the net worth of the actor and comedian Kevin Hart along with the projects and struggle that ultimately led him there. With multiple different projects that he has signed to in the years to come, the net worth of the celebrity is only destined to increase with the passage of time. Despite of the adversities that he had to face in his personal life, Kevin Hart never failed to make a mark in his career.

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