Nas net worth

Nas Net Worth 2016 – How Rich Is Nas?

Nas is a well known American rapper, actor, song-writer and entrepreneur. He is also known as Nasir bin Olu Dara Jones and his career began in 1991. He released his debut music album in 1994. In his entire career till now, he has released consecutively 8 platinum and multi-platinum albums.

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Nas Net Worth 2016 – How Rich Is Nas?

Nas net worth

Nas net worth is estimated around $17 Million. He earned his fortune when 13 Million copies of his most successful albums were sold in USA and more than that in all over the world. He has become extremely successful rapper in the world, especially among young generation.

More About Nas

Nas net worth

Nasir Bin Olu Dara Jones was born on 14 September, 1973, in New York, US. In his early years, he played the trumpet and he began writing his own rhymes. In late 1980s, he used to go to the studio where he was allowed to record his own material but none of those were ever released.

In 1994, after a long struggle, he finally released his debut album Illmatic, which received much appreciation and got Five Mics award from The Source. Many of the singles from his album were ranked in Top Charts. He released his 2nd album It Was Written in Summer of 1996.

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He has released many more albums of his own including I Am… (1999), Nastradamus (1999), Stillmatic(2001), God’s Son (2002), Street’s Disciple (2004), Hip Hop Is Dead (2006), Untitled (2008) and Life is Good (2012).

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He has received lot of awards and nominations throughout his music career. He is also involved in multiple business ventures too.

Nas net worth

Well, Nas net worth is estimated around $17 Million and it will be increasing more because of his successful music albums and his business. He has earned great fortune in his career now.

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