Chris Tucker Net Worth

Chris Tucker Net Worth 2016 – How Rich Is He?

Chris Tucker is an American Actor and Comedian who is best known for his role as Detective James Carter in Rush Hour movie sequel. He is also famous for the role of Smokey in Friday. In 1992, he became a frequent comedian in Def Comedy Jam. That’s where he began his career as an actor and comedian.

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Chris Tucker Net Worth 2016 – How Rich Is Chris Tucker?

Chris Tucker Net Worth

Chris Tucker Net Worth is estimated $-11.5 Million. Yes, you saw it right! It’s in negative because he had some financial issues that putted him in debts. Chris Tucker net worth was once very massive that even he was the most highest paid actor in Hollywood industry. After being successful with the first installment of Rush Hour movie, Chris Tucker demanded for $20 Million for his appearance in the sequel and he got it. Chris Tucker also signed a two-movie contract of $40 Million with New Line Cinema from which $25 Million was decided as his salary for Rush Hour 3. Chris Tucker Net Worth exceeded quite rapidly.

Unfortunately, Chris Tucker got really very unlucky that he got stuck in lot of debts. He owes $11 Million on IRS Taxes for four years and the mortgage payments are around $4 Million on his Florida Mansion of 10,000 square foot. Chris Tucker has already stated that he is not having enough income to pay the bills. But probably something will work for him and soon he might come back to his + (positive) net worth.

More About Chris Tucker

Chris Tucker Net Worth

Chris Tucker was born on 31 August, 1971, in Georgia, US. After graduating from Columbia High School, he moved to Los Angeles to begin his professional career in comedy and acting. In 1992, he first performed in Def Comedy Jam and made his acting debut in House Party 3 film. He also received great recognition from the film Friday in 1995.

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He is also famous for his role as Detective James Carter in Rush Hour movie sequel, with Jackie Chan. Rush Hour movie sequel earned him great fortune and boosted up his net worth.

Chris Tucker Net Worth

He has also appeared in many music videos including, Michael Jackson’s video ‘You Rock My World’, Tupac Shakur’s ‘California Love’ etc. In 2011, he has also made a comeback to stand-up comedy.

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So well, that’s all! Chris Tucker net worth is in negative -11.5 Million and that’s just because of his debts. Hopefully, he’ll be back on track soon.

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