Robin Thicke net worth

Robin Thicke Net Worth 2017 – How Rich Is He?

Robin Thicke Net Worth: $14 Million

Robin Thicke Net Worth, Career, Bio and More

Robin Thicke is the American singer-songwriter, composer, musician actor who has a net worth of $15 million. This talented singer/songwriter taught himself how to play piano when he was 12 and went on to write music for popular acts like Mya, Brandy, and Christina Aguilera before releasing his own work in 2000.he release of his album, The Evolution of Robin Thicke made him a household name. In 2013, Robin Thicke released the top selling single of the year. “Blurred Lines” was a summer sensation, being played on radio stations with differing formats across the world. A true talent, Thicke has indicated that the song took he and co-producer Pharrell an hour to complete.Robin Thicke has enjoyed a nicely paced rise in the music world.

Robin Thicke net worth

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He has recently branched out into television, appearing on Kevin Hart’s reality television parody, “Real Husbands of Hollywood”. His current net worth of $15 million dollars reflects his hard work and dedication to his craft. Robin Thicke is married to his high school sweetheart, Paula Patton. Thicke began dating Paula Patton when he was 16 years old, the couple married in 2005, and have a son, Julian Fuego Thick. Together they welcomed their son, Julian Fuego, into the world on April 6, 2010. The happy family lives in Vancouver, British Columbia where he continues to write music and prepare for upcoming releases.He has released 5 solo studio albums since 2003 and has written hit songs for various popular artists. Some of the artists that he has written hit songs for include: 50 Cent, Christina Aguilera, Guy Sebastian, Lil Wayne, Jennifer Hudson among others. His ability to write hit songs has made him a very popular character in the music industry.He is the son to Alan Thicke and Gloria Long who are both actors. Unlike other actors and musicians who started from rags to riches, his story is very different since he came from a rich family.Thicke is a dual citizen as he is also a Canadian citizen because of his father.

His debut album Cherry Blue Skies is still his most popular album to date. The debut album’s name was changed from “Cherry Blue Skies” to “A Beautiful World”. However, the album received very little promotion and not a lot of copies of the album were sold – 63 thousand copies of it. The previously mentioned single was performed by Blake Lewis on the TV show called “American Idol”. Blake Lewis also mentioned Robin Thicke as one of his main influences.urrently, Robin Thicke is mostly known as a performer of the song called “Blurred Lines”, which became a massive international hit and added a lot of financial success to Robin Thicke net worth.

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Thicke and Patton released a statement explaining that they mutually decided to split. TMZ reports that Robin cancelled his Atlanta show last week, and flew to see Paula in Vancouver in hopes of saving the marriage. After a face-to-face talk, sources say they decided to move forward with the separation.aula Patton officially filed for divorce on Wednesday, though they separated many months ago. Back in February reports swirled that Patton was leaving her husband because she was tired of his bad-boy behavior. And while Robin Thicke tried hard to get his wife back , the “Blurred Lines” singer eventually resigned to the fact that his marriage was over.n fact, the exes reportedly hired a lawyer back in July to help divide their assets. So they likely already know how they will split their rumored $18 million net worth (Robin Thicke net worth is reportedly $15 million, compared to Patton’s $3 million). They also have likely discussed how they will share the profits from the sale of their Los Angeles mansion.

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