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Adam’s net worth is $16 Million

There are some personalities in history of human kind ever that are “Once in a lifetime find”. They are inspiration to many people, perhaps the light of hope in their lives. People that have gave up on their lives and do not want to blend in among others. Introverts that are being underestimated because of the lack of their communication abilities.

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People like them are human after all. They feel too and maybe the characters that they look for are fiction. Characters that make them want to live and feel again. An inspiration for these special people was born on August 18th, 1978 in Berkley, California. His name is Andy Samberg. Andy later on turned out to be a person of significance in Hollywood when he showed the world the talent that Andy had within him. Andy’s father was a photographer. He was raised in a middle class home with a pretty much normal life, but he had his own way of seeing the world. Andy turned out to be an outstanding multitalented personality.

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He has all the super special ingredients that made him a successful actor, rapper, song-writer, comedian. The year 2001 was the official year of beginning of Andy’s professional career when he and his roommates decided to shoot a comedian movie which goes by the name “The Lonely Island”. This comedy movie brought Andy Samberg in front of the world, the only difference this time was that Andy’s recognition was not by face, but by his talents.

Their work was appreciated at higher degree and in 2005, this group of three people was officially invited to write for MTV music awards. At the awards, he met Jimmy Fallon, the person that recognized his talent and took it to the next level. He was so much impressed by Andy’s writing that he offered Andy to appear as regular cast at Saturday night live, an American TV show. Andy joined Saturday night live in 2005 and kept doing this show till 2012. During this journey, roads of opportunities kept opening for Andy as he advanced to the next level of his talents and every single time he succeeded in astonishing the world with the outstanding, flawless performance.

Andy starred in Hot Rod in 2007 which got him a lot of popularity and the list went on and later on in 2008, Andy appeared in Space Chimps and in 2012, Celeste and Jesse forever. In 2012, Andy relieved himself from Sunday Night Live and BBC comedy show cuckoo had the honour to welcome Andy in their show. The same year 2012, Andy appeared in famous hits of the year “That’s my Boy” and “Hotel Transylvania”. Andy has been recognized globally for his talent and has been appreciated by the world by awarding him for the best comedian 2014 and also won Golden Globe award and People’s choice award for best actor. It is very fascinating how an average American started from his youtube videos and climber the steps of success and made his worth felt in the world. Adam’s net worth is $16 Million bucks till date. Surprise? Yes you should be, because figures like that are not easy to own but Andy here sets a best example of how hard work is paid off.

Andy’s worth reflects the amount of dedication and focus that Andy invests in his work. Andy’s main area of expertise are TV shows and comedy based productions. According to a survey, Andy’s salary in appearing an episode is recorded to be $125 thousand per show. It’s just matter of time we see Andy in Hall of Fame of Hollywood industry.

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