Tom Cruise

Tom Cruise Net Worth 2015 – How Rich Is Tom Cruise?

Tom Cruise Net Worth: $480 Millions

About Tom Cruise – Net Worth, Career and More!

The actor Tom Cruise played a strong role in the 1983 teen comedy Risky Business and from there he went on to his first major box-office smash Top Gun where he played a fighter pilot named Maverick. Today Tom Cruise also adds producer to his title and Tom Cruise net worth estimated at $480 million. Cruise has firmly cemented himself, along with his cocky grin, on Hollywood’s A-list with a string of blockbuster movie roles.

Tom Cruise net worth

Tom Cruise’s more famous roles include movies like The Color of MoneyCocktailRain Man, Days of Thunder, A Few Good Men, The Mission Impossible franchise, Jerry Maguire, Minority Report, Magnolia, Collateral, Knight and Day, Oblivion, Jack Reacher, and Edge of Tomorrow to mention a few.

Tom Cruise net worth

Cruise became the highest paid actor in 2012 commanding $20 million per movie. As of the writing of this article he has received 3 Golden Globe Awards and 3 Academy Award Nominations.

Tom Cruise net worth

Cruise has 2 adopted children Isabella and Connor with his second wife actress Nicole Kidman, who he met on set of the movie they did together Days of Thunder. They were married in 1990 and got divorced in 2001.

Tom Cruise net worth

In 2005 Cruise started dating actress Katie Holmes and that Oprah couch jumping moment professing his love for her is permanently etched in our brains and cannot be unseen. TomKat as the tabloids dubbed the couple went on to marry in 2006 in Italy and the head of the Church of Scientology, David Miscavige was his best man. Their daughter Suri was also born in 2006. To this day Cruise remains a devoted follower of the Church of Scientology.

Tom Cruise net worth

After being married for just 5 years, Katie filed for divorce in 2012. Although they signed a prenup based on California law, Katie is requesting a suitable amount for child support and she is also asking for a division of property in her divorce filings.

Tom Cruise net worth

Cruise’s latest movie Mission Impossible – Rogue Nation, released in July 2015, has topped $700 million worldwide, which is already the highest earning of the Mission Impossible movies. Tom Cruise net worth is increasing in leaps and bounds and in 2015, Cruise is expected to earn $40 million.

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