young buck net worth

Young Buck Net Worth In 2017 – How Rich Is He?

Young Buck Net Worth: $100 Thousands

Young Buck Net Worth, Career And More

Young Buck net worth is estimated at $100 thousand.When Young Buck was 12 years old he started rapping because he was much inspired by his friend’s talent of rap. Buck got jealous from his talent and go to UTP Records.Inspired by his neighbor and friend Clay Cole, Young started rapping at the age of 12. When he heard his rhymes for the first time Young Buck got so jealous of Clay’s talent, he set himself a goal to become better than his friend or die trying. When Cole left to pursue his career in Florida, David started recording his first tracks. Soon he was offered to sign with Brian Baby Williams and his company. Bryan Williams, also known as Baby or Birdman, is a US rapper, record producer and entrepreneur. He forms one part of the duo Big Tymers and is responsible for finding the Cash Money Records. Compared to Baby’s fortune Young Buck net worth looks like pocket money. But Young Buck in 1995 get a deal with Cash Money Records which gave an opportunity to Young Buck to perform to “Baby”. But in 2011 Young Buck resigned to Cash Money Records. During that time Young Buck not released his own ant single album. Bu after his deal with UTP Records, Young Buck signed with G Unit Records from which he released his 2 own albums “The Compilation” and “Born To Be A Thug”..Buck is not only best rapper but also an excellent film producer and performer. He starred in several movies which are quite well known during 2004 to 2013. His famous movies such as Buck Attitude, No Warning, A Billion Bucks, Group Love and E! Buzz with Carla B.Young Buck net worth accumulating by his sold over albums and concert tours. His 1st album “Straight Outta Cashville” has certified as double platinum by RIAA and album got 2 million sales in the country and 3.3 million copies sold all around the world.His 2nd album was released in 2007 as the name of “ Buck the World” which got number 3 on Billboards 200 and got the number one position on the country charts and R & B albums. Near about 0.15 million copies sold after releasing its first week.

young buck net worth


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In 2010 young buck released his 3rd album “The Rehab” and more than million copies were sold in his first week.Young Buck net worth boosted by his sold over albums and concert tours all around the world. His albums sold over million copies during first week after releasing them.Young Buck earnings from his album “The Beast Is G Unit” in 2015 earned $ 19 thousand

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Young Buck earnings from his album “The Beauty of Independence” in 2014 $ 15 thousand, from his album “Gang Injunction” in 2009 $ 7 thousand,from his album “T.O.S” in 2008 with G Unit earned $ 0.41 million,from his album “Buck the World” in 2007 $ 0.14 millionYoung Buck earnings from his album “T.I.P” 2005 earned $ 26 thousand of it first week.Young Buck net worth boost by his many tunes and independent records which made a remarkable effect in music market. His net worth is many times more than many other popular rappers in the world. But at that time Buck consider as a highest paid rapper in the world. If Buck’s investment endorse in different companies, several products and many other big brand, his net worth will be reach in the list of top 10 richest rappers and celebrities in the world.

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