How Rich is Trey Songz , The Total Net Worth

The world knows Tremaine Aldon Neverson as Trey Songz. He is known for his contribution in the field of rap songs, singing, song writing, record producing and acting. Trey Songz was born in Petersburg, Virginia on 28th November, 1984. His father was a military personnel. He was raised in a military resembling environment which was exactly in contrast of his abilities and his talent. This was the reason Trey Songz’s abilities became dormant as he never gave a thought of exploring his abilities from this perspective. Trey Songz never had any traces of attraction for music because of the way he was raised, but his talent spoke for itself and even though Trey didn’t believe what he had in him, people realized the talent that showed its sign every time Trey Songz talked. At the age of 14, Trey got over the shyness he had in him and began to think about music as his field of interest. He started to perform because of the support on his back from his family and friends who kept motivating Trey not to leave singing and music and give it a try. Trey Songz’s path towards professional music career was cleared when Troy Taylor sensed a spark in Trey Songz and after connecting chains, Trey Songz ended up with a music contract with Atlantic Records in 2003. Trey got graduated from high school in 2002 and then later on he moved to New Jersey in pursuit of his career in the field of music.


Trey released his first album which goes by the name “I Gotta Make It” in 2005. His debut made a hard impact in the music industry and his name was chanted for a very long time. His debut album sold copies over 40,000 in the first week of the release. Trey Songz had the principle requirements of being a successful artist in the United States as his debut single release namely “Gotta Make It” sold copies that reaches figure of 300,000 which was released in the same year.

As Trey Songz kept on working in the media industry, he eventually realized his capabilities were not restricted to music only, he had other hidden talents too as he turned out appear in the movies later on. Trey Songz worked a role of “D.J IV” in 2008 in the movie Queen of movies. In 2010, he appeared as “Monty” in the movie “Preacher’s Kid”. Trey Songz also documented some titles that were a reflection of his early life. The same year, he appeared in “When I was 17” and “Trey Songz: My moment”. In 2013, he appeared as Ryan and Damon Diesel in the movies Texas Chainsaw 3D and Baggage claim respectively. Trey Songz has also appeared on American television occasionally.

Trey Songz net worth is reported to be $10 million. There are no detailed records of revenues of Trey Songz’s earnings because of the facts that Trey likes to keep this section of his life a bit personal and he loves his privacy. Although there are some traces that got leaked before Trey decided to keep this information to himself. Trey received $100,000 from Atlantic Records in advanced after signing music contract with them. In 2011, Trey hit the figures real hard and generated revenues over $75,000,000 from the ticket sales of his tour that goes by the name OMG tour. Trey Songz has just hit the road of glory and he is already picking up the pace and got used to it. Judging by the performance and the progress, the future for Trey Songz is not ending anytime soon.

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