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Birdman Net Worth In 2016

Birdman happens to be one of the most popular and successful rappers the world has ever seen. No wonder he happens to be one of the richest as well with his net worth according to the recent reports being estimated at around $175 million. While rapping is his primary career for which he is primarily known, he does also happen to be a CEO as well as a successful entrepreneur. This is what further increases his net worth. As far as the entertainment industry is concerned, he does also go by the name of Bryan Baby Williams. His closest friends or some of the family members refer to him by that name.


Birdman is the CEO of Cash Money Records since he founded the company in the first place. As far as his net worth is concerned, Cash Money Records has to be one of the most important source. He undertook the venture with his brother Ronald Williams in 1989. Birdman has collaborated with a number of popular stars in the production of their albums, for instance Lil Wayne. Birdman is widely recognized in the world of music as a successful rapper and producer. The two professions are considered his primary source of net worth. Birdman did also manage to be nominated for a Grammy award back in 2000.

For a better idea of his net worth, it is indispensable to mention here that Birdman’s company Cash Money Records is considered to be a highly successful production company that is primarily involved in the production of hip hop music. As of now, it has been estimated that the company has produced hip hop albums with an overall sales of around 50 million. Supporting the commercial success and financial stability of the company, it is to be mentioned here that the company generates a revenue of above $100 million on an annual basis.

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At an age of 22, Birdman had already managed to gain a net worth of around $40 million which was unheard of for a talent at such a young age. But the net worth of the artist sky rocketed when his company Cash Money Records signed a contract with Universal Music for distribution. Not only did the deal brought in a huge amount of financial success but it did also enable the Cash Money Records to own their masters that had never occurred in a contract between two production companies in the history.

As far as the personal assets of Birdman are concerned, a few of his major possessions may include and are not confined to a condo in Miami priced at $30 million, along with a 100 cards that he buys in around six months while the previous ones are donated to others.

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The above mentioned information gives you a fine idea of the total worth of rapper and producer Birdman along with the projects and business ventures which enabled him to get there. Since he is actively involved in the industry as of now, the net worth is only destined to go higher in the years to come.

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