Rob Schneider Net Worth | How Much Rich Is He?

Rob’s net worth according to most reliable sources have reported to be around $16 million

He is an actor, he is a comedian, and he is a screen writer and a director. Yes we are talking about none other than 51 year old, the most highly paid celebrity in Hollywood, Robert Michael Schneider also known as Rob Schneider. Rob was born on October 31st, 1963 in San Francisco, California and then grew up in Pacifica’s nearby suburbs. Rob’s parents are Pilar (née Monroe), and Marvin Schneider. Pilar was a former kindergarten teacher.

Rob Schneider


She was also known to be ex-school board president whereas Marvin Schneider was a real estate broker. Rob was raised in blended environment of Jewish and catholic backgrounds because these two religions were practiced by his parents. Rob started showing his talent when he was still in high school. Rob stepped into this industry as a stand-up comedian.Rob also did some radio shows on regular basis for some time. Rob was a regular guest at radio shows. His performance in his early age rewarded him with recognition on significantly large scale when he won HBO’s Annual young comedian award. Later on in 1988, Rob joined Sunday Night Live as a writer and a featured player. But Rob was too good for this role at Saturday Night Live. From 1990 to 1994 he got promoted and played as full cast member at that very show. “Tiny Elvis” and “Orgasm Guy” were two of the most entertaining and loved characters in that show but the one character that took the lead and got Rob a very clean shot at fame was “Richard Laymer”. After Leaving Sunday night live, Rob started playing featured roles at TV series. In 1999, Rob officially started his career in movies and then one after the other he kept releasing movies making his successful career speak for its own. Duece Bigalow: Male Gigolo, The Animal, The Hot Chick are some of the movies that got Rob Schneider America’s attention. In 2008, Rob decided to extend his career in the field of direction. He debuted his direction in the movie Big Stan, where he himself played as a role of a con artist. Rob’s major area of work is in comedy movies. He and Adam Sandler have appeared in the movie “Grown Ups” together. Rob and Adam were colleagues and best friends from Saturday Night Live. Now let’s take a sneak peak at Rob’s personal life. Rob was married in 1988-1990 to King. Later on in 2002 he got married to London. That too didn’t bring luck in Rob’s life as far as happy married life was concerned, they separated too. Rob got married to Helena in 2011. The same year (2011) Rob married to Patricia Azarcoya which flipped the other side of Rob’s luck and he had a beautiful daughter with Patricia in November, 2012.

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Rob’s net worth according to most reliable sources have reported to be around $16 million. He got this great attention and the fame from his movies and his comedy shows that he appears in. Looking at Rob Schneider’s life there seems nothing extra ordinary facilities that Rob had or the background that could give Rob a head start in the field of Hollywood movies. It was his pure hard work and dedication and sincerity to his work that he never stopped and kept going. This journey for Rob has not been easy at all but after what he has achieved he has earned the right to deserve all the luxuries of his life because it’s the hard work that has finally started paying off. Rob’s personality is more of an environmentalist.

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