Net Worth of Adam Lambert Approximate $12 million

The young American singer, stage actor and song writer Adam Mitchel Lambert was born on January 29th, 2015 in Indianapolis, Indiana and was raised in San Diego, California. Looking at his early life, it seems that this life was chosen for Lambert. He used to do small theatrical shows starring as a child. However, 2009 brought Lambert in front of the world when he ended as runner up in American Idol. Fame brought change in Lambert’s life as we speak when he got in to a relationship with Sauli Koskinen in 2010 but the relationship lasted for 3 years and in 2013, Adam Lambert announced his separation with Sauli.


Adam Lambert’s net worth is $12 million. His shows got the popularity he needed to take a rocket flight in the “net worth” field among other celebrities. The gate of opportunities for Adam Lambert opened when he ended up as the runner up in American Idol’s eight season in the year 2009. Since then Adam Lambert has signed different contracts with different production companies, Adam has stepped into the celebrity world and has gained success as a new comer to this field. His earning in official prominent manner started in 2011 when he earned total sum and had net worth of $6 million. Being a celebrity and coming with a generous heart is one of many ways to describe Adam Lambert’s personality. In 2011, Adam Lambert donated generously what he earned. It is reported that he donated a total sum of $1 million in 2011 by donating what he earned. As we go on, Adam’s celebrity life takes important and interesting turns. In 2012, He earned a total of $1.5 million. In same year it is reported that Adam got his voice insured. The insurance of his voice cost him round about $45 million. As time passed by, Adam started to pick the vibe of what’s like to be a celebrity but as they say, Old habits don’t go easy and it’s very remarkable if those habits turn out to be good habits. Adam despite of being a much richer person than he was before 2011 didn’t give up on the habit of helping others and donating to the needy. It is one of the many reasons Adam has been able to leave an impact on people’s heart who have ever known him. He earned their respect and is an inspiration for many of his fans. In 2013, Adam’s annual earning was reported as we speak $5 million.

adam $12 million

In the same year Adam Lambert went classy and elite when he bought a Bentley convertible GT for his personal use. The Bentley Convertible GT was of worth $220,000. Later on Adam got his BMW 650i for $100,000. As Lambert was getting used to the “Luxury” this life had to offer Lambert, He did generous donation of $82,000. And so the list goes on where Adam Lambert continues to earn, avail and donate what this young man’s talent brought to him. In 2014 he performed at Family council awards at Los Angeles which raised a total sum of $571,000 and was then announced to give away as donation. Such generosity at such young age clearly portrays this young man’s kind nature and the sympathy for the poor. The same year Adam Lambert raised the bar of his luxurious life style when he bought a new home at Hollywood Hills of worth $2,995,000. However, there is no official or disclosed figure of Adam Lambert’s total earning of year 2014. Looking at the progress and the talent of Adam Lambert, one can surely say that Adam Lambert’s future is very bright and this man can advance to the next level of his career in short span of time.


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