Tom Brady

Tom Brady’s Net Worth In 2016

Tom Brady is widely known as one of the best players in the NFL today. Nicknamed “Tom Terrific”, Brady is a quarterback for the New England Patriots. Brady got his start in professional football as the sixth draft pick for the Patriots, after having played for the University of Michigan. He led the Patriots to their first undefeated season since the 16 game program was introduced. In the 13 full seasons he has been there, the Patriots have made it six times to the Super Bowl and won four, putting down Brady’s name in the history books as one of the highest achieving quarterbacks. Brady has also led the New England Patriots to 12 division titles; higher than any other quarterback in NFL history. He also helped set the Patriots’ interminable run at the top of the tables, with 21 straight wins in 2 consecutive seasons. Brady has also bagged the highest number of consecutive playoff wins for his team.


How He Got Started:
Born Thomas Edward Patrick “Tom” Brady, Jr., this 38 year old quarterback has more achievements under his belt than most counterparts. Born in San Mateo, CA, Brady regularly attended football games and became a fan of quarterback Joe Montana. With endless enthusiasm and dedication for the game, Brady concluded his high school career in football with All-State and All-Far West honors and became his team’s MVP.

During his time at the University of Michigan, Tom Brady set records for most pass attempts and completions. He made an All-Big Ten honorable mention during his first full season, and was made team captain. He led his team to share the Big Ten Conference title and victory in the Citrus Bowl. He graduated ranking third in Michigan history and was drafted by the Patriots in 2000.

What Makes Him Terrific:
Brady ranks 3rd on the all-time list for career touchdown passes, and 5th on the list for career passing yards. In pursuing his passion for football, Brady stands right alongside his childhood hero, Joe Montana as the second player in NFL history to have won multiple NFL Most Valuable Player and Super Bowl MVP awards. Brady has also been selected to ten Pro Bowls and has thrown more passing yards and touchdowns than any quarterback in NFL history.


Calculated Net Worth:
Widely considered as one of the greatest quarterbacks of all time, Brady has been known to take one for the team, and negotiate his salary to substantially lower than market value. Despite that, his rags to riches story is one of the most celebrated in the NFL. Based on his property, previous earnings, and current contract which is in place till 2017, Brady’s net worth is estimated at between $120 and $131 Million.

Tom Brady

As the 11th highest paid athlete according to Forbes in 2013, he has made over $162 million from the NFL. Currently he is ranked the 10th highest paid quarterback, with a base salary of $8 million. The value of his home is estimated at $20 million; and Brady makes an addition $7 million each year from endorsement deals.

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