Mike epps net worth 2016

Mike Epps Net Worth 2016 – How Rich Is Mike Epps?

Mike epps net worth 2016

Mike Epps Net Worth Is: $6 Million

About Mike Epps – Net Worth, Professional Career and More!

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Michael Epps, officially known as Mike Epps is a American actor, comedian, rapper, writer and film producer who currently has an estimated net worth of $6 Million. He earned a great fortune in his career as his earnings in 2013 were around $1 Million. Since then, his earnings are increasing, boosting up Mike Epps net worth to approximately $6 Million now.

Mike epps net worth 2016

Mike Epps was born on 18 November, 1970, in Indiana, US. He began his career in 1995 when he joined Def Camp Comedy and appeared in HBO’s 2 Def Camp broadcasts. That’s where he was recognized as one of the prominent comedians. But he was already quite good with his comedy skills as he was participating in local stage comedy shows in his childhood.

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He then began his acting career in 1997 as he first appeeared in Strays. He earned much prominence and then got another role-play for the movie Next Friday. Mike Epps also got roles in 3 Strikes, Dolittle 2, All About The Benjamins and Bait. He has also taken roles for some movies in 2016. He is been quite successful in his acting career as well. That’s the main factor of Mike Epps net worth of $6 Million currently.

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In 2006, Mike Epps got married to Mechelle McCain and both of them are living in California currently. Apparently, Mike Epps have four children from which 2 children he had from his previous relationship.

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