Howard Stern net worth

Howard Stern Net Worth in 2017 – How Rich is He?

Howard Stern Net Worth: $500 Million

Howard Stern net worth, career, bio and more

Howard Allan Stern is among the wealthiest celebrities in the country and one of the most controversial. Howard Stern net worth is $500 million. Stern is the most paid artist in the World. Only his annual salary is above $80 million. Remember! million is very big. Well, Stern was born in New York City. Stern is well-known for his gossips, as he was passionate about to be a radio host since he was 5. But officially he debuted in 1970s at the age of 21 on WNTN. He changed several offices and struggled ten years to achieve success, and after the ten years of hard-work he got his own show, WXRK in New York City. In these ten years of hard-work, the public liked him a lot because of his straight forward style and smart attitude. WXRK went very viral among public and ran 20 years successfully among public. Although it is hard to say what was Howard stern net worth by the time he left WXRK, according to Forbes, during the year 2005-2006 his annual revenues amounted to be $302 million.

Stern won many industry awards, including Billboard’s Nationally Syndicated Air Personality of the Year, and guess what? Not only one, he won eight consecutive times. Stern is the first to have the number one morning show in New York City and Los Angeles simultaneously. He became the most fined radio host when the Federal Communications Commission issued fines totaling $2.5 million to station owners for content it deemed indecent. He ranked fifth overall on the magazine’s Celebrity 100 list, after boxers Floyd Mayweather and Manny Pacquiao, singer Katy Perry and band One Direction.

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In 2006, Sirius signed Stern for $100 million for his first five years, plus bonuses if he reached a particular subscriber threshold. After his first first year, they hit those marks, so Stern and his agent were awarded $34.4 million shares of Sirius common stock. At the end of 2006, Sirius finished with over 6 million subscribers. After that year, Stern earned a bonus of $22 million shares of stock, worth an estimated $82.9 million.

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He served as Judge in America’s Got Talent too and was paid $15 million for a season by NBC, NBC wanted Stern so badly that they moved the show to Radio City Music Hall in New York so Stern could be on the show and still host The Howard Stern Show easily. Stern is a bad boy but is very liked in the public and the reason for it is the same reason for Howard Stern net worth, which is honesty. Stern is very loyal to his business and life and that is why he have erected an empire of millions.

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Stern published his two books “Private Parts” and “Miss America”, both books listed as the best selling book. He made featured videos. He worked in TV serials and they rated too much as well.

Call it luck or call it intelligence, each and every work he did, shot a six! Once, he called himself “King of All Media”, he wasn’t wrong. This 63 years old guy have made a huge fortune by his hard-work. Now, you can have an idea that anyone can do anything like a radio host can be a millionaire.

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