How Rich Is Ciara? Her Net Worth

Ciara’s full name is Ciara Princess Harris. She is known for her singing, song writing, dancing, and fashion modelling. Ciara moved to Atlanta, Georgia after travelling the world. She joined the group called Hearsay in the beginning but that didn’t last for too long and in the end was dismissed as a result of differences between the group members. With the fall of hearsay, Ciara sensed rising of herself when she discovered the ability to write songs. She worked hard on it and in 2002, she met JazzePha, a music producer. This meeting proved to be fruitful and as a result Ciara ended signing with LaFace Records. After signing with LaFace records, Ciara started working and after 2 years of hard work, she released her debut album namely “Goodies”. Her debut album delivered hit single songs, “Goodies, Oh and 1 2 step” Her debut album got her a promotional push that Ciara needed, she continued to work and later on she released her second album Ciara: The Evolution which later on was titled as certified platinum. Famous titles like “Get up, Promise and Like a boy” are releases from the same album.

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Having the high flights in the early professional music career had a huge dive for Ciara after that. Her third album which goes by the name “Fantasy Ride” that was released in 2009 initiated the career fall for Ciara which however, produced award nomination single release like “Love Sex Magic”. The downfall continued when she released her album “Basic Instincs” in 2011, Ciara signed another record contract with a company called Epic Records and after that, Ciara started working on her fifth album which she released on her own name “Ciara”. And after that, things for Ciara escalated and she climbed stair of success swiftly and consistently.

Ciara had to move around a lot because of the fact that her father Jackie Carlton was an army personnel and she moved along with them. Being a child, it was very tough for Ciara to move because of the emotional attachment that she had with the neighbourhood and her friends but that’s how things were planned for Ciara. Her moving around a lot, gave Ciara a very good perception about her audience. And being an artist she got to the core of the feelings of her audience and released her work accordingly.Ciara

Ciara’s net worth is reported to be $16 million. In 2009, Ciara performed at the New Year celebrations and collected net sum of $2,000,000. Ciara turns out to be a shoe lover. Her annual expenses on shoes are reported to be $132,000 in 2013. The same year, Ciara got hold of her Bentley Continental V8 GT which holds worth of $180,000. Ciara signed the contract with Epic Records for $3,000,000. Ciara got her engagement right for $1,500,000. The total worth of Ciara in the year 2013 is reported to be around $3 million. In 2014, however, the source of earning had nothing to do with the talents that Ciara possess. She got total sum of $2,000,000 from all the offers from magazines to publish Ciara’s first baby’s pictures. However, the earnings were more of after effect of her fame and performances that won everyone’s heart.

Ciara had a son with a rapper named ‘Future Zahir Wilburn’. They got engaged in 2013 but after 11 months, they called it off. As of present year, Ciara is dating Russell Wilson who is Seattle Seahawks quarter back. Ciara also appeared in movies namely “All you’ve got, Mama, I want to sing, and That’s my boy”. In the year 2006 and 2012 respectively.

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