Ludacris Net Worth

Ludacris Net Worth In 2016 – How Rich Is Ludacris?

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Ludacris Net Worth – How Rich Is He?

Ludacris Net Worth

Ludacris net worth is $25 Million and he is quiet a prominent rapper and actor in the world. He had some money problems in 2014 when his former girlfriend Tamika Fuller took him to the court over child-support payments issue. Tamika Fuller demanded $15000 per month from Ludacris in order to raise two of their daughters. Ludacris reported to the judge that despite of his net worth, Ludacris just have earned $55,000 in the whole year of 2013 and that’s why he is struggling for money himself. Moreover, Ludacris told the court about the biggest payday expectation from the next Fast and Furious installment but it is on hold due to Paul Walker’s tragic death. Ludacris offered to pay $1800 per month to Tamika, but for the meantime, judge ordered to pay $7000 until the financial details are all reviewed. However, from August 2014 to August 2015, Ludacris earned around $8 Million from his different acting and musical attempts. That’s a addition to Ludacris Net Worth.

In 1998, Ludacris began to record his debut album Incognegro with some support from Timbaland  for it’s production. It didn’t got much successful but despite of it’s poor sales, it hasn’t been deleted till now. Then in 2000, he released another album Back For The First Time which was his major success at that time. His second album got much higher ranks on US Billboard 200 as well.

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In the end of 2001, he released another album Word of Mouf, from which many of the singles were his ‘key to success’ and even one of them nominated for 2002 Grammy Award. After returning to the music career after 2 years of break; he released another music album Chicken-n-Beer which didn’t got much successful and fell down quite rapidly.

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He released many more of his music albums including The Red Light District (2004), Release Therapy (2006), Theater of the Mind (2008), Battle of the Sexes (2010) and Ludaversal (2013).

Ludacris Net Worth

Despite of his music career, he has also been involved in many business ventures and also he has acted in many Hollywood movies. Especially, he is best known for his role in Fast an Furious sequel. He have appeared in plenty of other movies too. Ludacris has a great net worth that he has all earned from his career.

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That’s all! Share your views about Ludacris Net Worth! Do you like him? And for what mainly? He is been good throughout his music career and acting as well.

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