Jerry Seinfeld net worth

Jerry Seinfeld Net Worth in 2017 – How Rich Is He?

Jerry Seinfeld Net Worth: $750 Millions

Jerry Seinfeld Net Worth, Career, Bio and More

Humor is not specified with any particular age, best example is Jerome Allen Jerry Seinfeld who is a stand-up comedian and holds the net worth of $750 million. Jerry is also an actor, producer and director. He was born on 29th of April, 1954 in a Jewish family at Brooklyn, New York. He grew there and got his Bachelors degree in Communication and Theater from New York City University. He firstly appeared as a stand-up comedian in “Catch a Rising Star”, later at Rodney Dangerfield HBO. He got a small role in a situation comedy Benson in 1979, but they don’t liked him as much, because he got fired quiet soon. In 1981, he got an astonishing breakthrough of his career, when he appeared in “The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carlson”. That night changed his career as he impressed the audience and Johnny Carlson, host of the show very much. After that night Jerry was in public demand and was continuously appearing on various TV shows especially on the famous “Late Night with David Letterman”. Here, Jerry Seinfeld net worth started to pump.

Jerry Seinfeld net worth

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The decade of 80s was very lucky for him, as his show “The Chronicles of Seinfeld” appeared on blue screens, his career was reaching to sky. Jerry Seinfeld net worth was increasing day by day and he was on his peak. The show was aired for almost ten years, leading to enviable growth in Jerry Seinfeld net worth. His incomes remained at impressive heights ever since. In 2006 he earned $100 million, $60 million more in 2007, around $85 million in year 2008, 2009 and additional $145 million during the next two years. These fortunes came not only from his job as a comedian. For example in 2008 Jerry received $10 million for advertising Microsoft products.

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Jerry lives in a luxurious apartment with a view to the Central park in Manhattan. Jerry is a Carophile and have a large collection of amazing, unique and expensive automobiles, he obviously has the best motor trade insurance covering his babies, because it would be a shame if something happens to them. Among 46 of brilliant vehicle, he have a Porsche 959 too which worth $700,000 and beautifies his collection. This lifestyle enhances Jerry Seinfeld net worth, which is $750 million.

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Jerry Seinfeld net worth is constantly increasing due to Jerry Seinfeld’s web series “Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee”, it would move from Crackle to Netflix likely means a lucrative score for a comedian who knows as much about landing big paydays as big laughs. Until last year when Kevin Hart out-earned him, Seinfeld has consistently ranked first on FORBES’ list of the highest-paid comedians. Seinfeld’s deal with Netflix includes the entire “Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee” library, 24 new episodes of the Emmy-nominated show and two stand-up specials. Seinfeld will also have a developmental role, helping the streaming service with scripted and unscripted shows. The streaming rights for Seinfeld remain with Hulu, which bought the exclusive SVOD rights for an estimated $160 million. Seinfeld was receiving about $500,000 per episode of “Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee”, a show which had very low production costs of about $100,000 per episode. Netflix likely upped the amount Seinfeld would get for the series, and it is conceivable that he could make $18 million (or $750,000 per episode) for the 24 episodes promised. This whole deal shows that nearly, Jerry Seinfeld net worth is going to increase hopefully.

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