Usher Net Worth Is $180 Million USD

American born singer, songwriter, actor and dancer Usher Terry Raymond IV was born on October 14, 1978 in Dallas Texas, United States and raised in Chattanooga. He belongs to Haitian ethnicity. He appeared in “North Springs High School” during his educational career. At a young age when Usher performed at a Church Choir his grandmother located that he has a hidden singer in him. His strong tenor voice and his vocals were pretty much enough to make him a successful singer. Well his grandmother was precisely right about her grandson.


He initially faced a lot of family problems due to his broken family. His father left him when he was a toddler i.e. 1 year old of age. He grew up with his mother, step father and a single half-brother. When he grew up he coupled with “Tameka Foster” in a wedding ceremony. He is a father of 2 children Naviyd Ely Raymond and Usher Raymond V. Unfortunately his marital life did not go well and got divorced after few years.

His debut album called “Usher” introduced in 1994 was a massive hit and this made him prominent in the music industry and among the people at a very young age of 15 years old. During the year from 1997-2001 his net worth was $10 million dollars. In 2004 his album sold by the bunch worth 10 million copies during that year.  In 2005 it increased to $20 million dollars. 2007 was not a very fortunate year for the 36 year old chap. He faced a downfall in his career and earned $ 3 million dollars. Initially this greatly depressed him and was disappointing for him. But as they say, “Every disappointment is good for the better”.  And “Every disappointment is a blessing in disguise”.  Somewhat similar thing happened to Usher and the year 2010 gave an upswing to his drowning career. His net worth bumped up to $75 million dollars from 73 shows during 2010 to 2011. During 2011-2012 his net worth was $46 million dollars. In 2013 $30 million dollars was his net worth. But presently in 2015 he has left behind all the highly paid musicians by earning worth $180 million dollars. His albums are the most wanted albums in the market which makes him the best musician of all time. He has a huge fan following and this makes him the most liked and ideal personality amongst his fans. His golden heart and brilliant attitude adds so much to his flamboyant personality.


Besides his earnings Usher loves to buy different over priced cars like Ducati, Cadillac Escalade, Mercedes A45 AMG, Lenox Road car, Dodge Viper SRT and the list goes on and on. He changes his cars like cloths. Also he has a lavish house on 4.25 acres of land. He answered in one of the questions asked in an interview that he loves to spend as much time as possible with his children in his leisure time because nothing in this world can replace your own child’s company and time spent with them. He loves to buy cars, expensive outfits, jewelries; he loves going out and trying high-priced resorts and restaurants. Usher is touching the sky and making some really huge amount of money. He is happy and glad with his profession. His multi-talented nature grabs public’s attention more towards him. He says, “I love being in the lime light”.  His acting skills are as strong as his singing skills. He is a pride of America and Americans.

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