george lucas net worth

George Lucas Net Worth In 2017 – How Rich Is He?

George Lucas Net Worth: $7.3 Billions

George Lucas Net Worth, Bio, Career and More

If you have ever watched Star Wars or Indiana Jones series, then you must know this legend. George Walton Lucas Jr. is a filmmaker and producer. George Lucas net worth is $7.3 billion! Yes, Billion. The living legend was born in California, that’s where he grew up. He was crazy about cars since he was a kid, he decided to build his career as a car racer but unfortunately he got an terrible accident in teenage, which made him to re-plan his strategies for his career. Well, it happened good for the movies geeks because they got in result such amazing products like Star Wars and Indiana Jones. Later, Lucas get interested in film-making and eventually went to study in the University of Southern California where he met another great filmmaker Steven Spielberg and became good friends with him. Even as a student George was considered to be a perspective creator and won a number of accolades among which was Warner Brothers scholarship.

george lucas net worth

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Not always the first step you move get success, happened something like this with Lucas. When he released his first full length film “THX 1138” a science fiction film in 1971, the film flopped down. But, as they say “Try is the key of success”, Lucas tried again and came back with American Graffiti which was a BOOM!

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Interesting thing here is that the current George Lucas net worth keeps some share of this movie too because this movie was nominated for five academic awards and earned $115 million only in USA. HUGE amount, isn’t it? Hold on guys! This huge money is just pocket money as compare to the Star Wars’ revenue money. The Star Wars all series in combine earned more than $5 billion. Now this is a payment dude! Although that money did not go to his pocket alone, that is where a big bulk of George Lucas net worth comes from and that is why he is called a living Hollywood legend. For example, according to IMDB for the first Star Wars episode alone George Lucas received a salary of $400 million, he earned another $200.000 plus 40% of the net profits for the episode IV and $2.5 million plus all the net revenues for Riders of the Lost Ark.

Okay! so these are very big amounts but if you combine them, they are still not the actual George Lucas net worth which is $7.3 billion. So, the question is where from rest of the money came? Here is the answer.

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The biggest part of George Lucas net worth actually comes from this, on October 2012 Lucas signed a deal with Disney, in which he agreed to sell his Lucasfilm Company for a large sum of $4 billion dollars. As Lucas was the founder, chairman and the only owner of the company, all the money stored under his bed. George Lucas still has a lot of influence on his former company as he is the second largest shareholder of Disney itself.

So now you know about the George Lucas Net Worth. What do you say about it?

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