Flavor Fav ‘s Total Net Worth in 2015

Flavor Fav is an American artist and is famous for his weird looks in the industry. He is mostly known by his stage name that is Flavor Fav but his original name is William Jonathan Drayton Jr. His date of birth is March 16, 1959 and his zodiac sign is Pieces. His father was an owner of small restaurant known as “Soul Diner”.

Flavor Fav Net Wealth

He was born in Roosevelt, Long Island, New York. He is a Rapper, a hype man and a reality television star. He caught public’s attention and got an upswing when he became a member of a HIP-HOP group called “Public Enemy”. His character hype man got a massive feedback.  Flav is that artist whose career went to peak and then winded down so badly that he almost fall out of the audience’s eye. But he reappeared on screen after several years and his comeback was pretty fortunate for him this time.  The Surreal life, Flavor of love and strange love were one of his top hit television series. During his early age, he was a smart student but as a child he was a troubled one.  He continued to work on this problem. His troublesome behavior ended up in burning his own family’s house as a result of playing with cigarette lighter. Because of this sort of attitude he had been to short jails during his teens. He quit high school and got into learning musical instruments on its own. He learned how to play piano, drums and guitar and also performed at a church choir in his teens. According to Carlton Ridenhour  Fav is proficient in 15 instruments. He decided to move in the world of music because he somehow recognized that he has those germs which can take him to the heights of success. In 2015 he participated in a reality TV show held in UK called “The Farm”. He appeared as a guest in TV sitcom called “The Simpsons” in the same year. In 2009 he was chosen as a downloadable character in Playstation video games. In 2010 he hosted a wrestling show called “WWE Raw”. He also emerged in Friends as well as in Yoo-Hoo. The major success and fame Fav got was because of his rap group “Public Enemy”.

Flavor Fav Net Worth

Well he is not world’s richest man but he certainly is one the top richest rapper musician. He made $3 million dollars during the start of his career and it increased to $9 million dollars with time. 2011 was an unfortunate year for him.  The ship of his career almost drowned which was a very worrying and poor thing for him. During April 2013-April 2014 his career miraculously aroused and broke all previous records. He rapidly climbed the ladders of success with a net worth of $58 million dollars. WoOoh ! This is huge money. This man has really got quite deep pockets Man ! Besides this he is also an owner of a number of restaurants in Washington DC. He also set in motion his very first restaurant by the name of “House of Flavors” in Las Vegas. He has also recently launched his very own brand of Vodka called “Pure Wonderflav”. He also holds a football team called “Roosevelt Angels”. He is a proud possessor of a top selling perfume brand known as “With Love from Flavor Fav” and a clothing line as well by the name of “Flavor Fav seduction”.

Flavor Fav’s Total Net Worth is Aprox $58 million

He recently signed a contract with a mobile company but did not disclose the name. So his never ending assets are yet to be unfolded. We will be providing you all his latest updates.

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