Aubrey O’day Net Worth

There are reports that  Aubrey O’day net worth has crossed approx. 4 million dollars. She was Born in 1984, Aubrey is mainly famous as a singer and a model which are among the one of the most important income sources of Aubrey O’day total net worth.Also she is well knowned as a Television Celebrity,  Fashion Designer,Actress,  And A Former Singer,  who belonged to the music band called “Danity Kane”. She was forced to leave the music band in early 2008 after a lot of  talking with the group’s manager P. Diddy and mainly because of the tension amongst the other group members.

Since she left the band, Aubrey O’Day has been working in the showbiz. She appeared in many TV shows, did photoshoots for a lot of magazines such as “Playboy” and “Blender” and appeared in a Broadway production called “Hairspray”. So, staying in the entertainment and showbiz  industry increases the total amount of Aubrey O’day net worth a lot.
AUBREY O’DAY NET WORTH is 4 Million Dollars!


In 2011, She became a solo singer and signed a deal. Aubrey O’Day got into music industry when she was only 5  years old. In one of her latest interviews, she even confessed that when she was only 6 years old, she slept behind the seats in the theater.

AUBREY O’DAY's mother stated that when she was only 4 years old, her mother took her to show The Nutcracker. During that show little Aubrey O’Day started to weep and when her mother asked her why she was crying, Aubrey O’day said that she was crying because she wanted to be on stage and not be in the audience. Aubrey O’Day admitted that this moment was the time when she understood that she wanted to get involved into showbiz limelight.

Aubrey O’Day got a lot of main leading roles in various musical creations such as “The Wizard of Oz”, “The Sound of Music”, “Grease”, “Rent” and many others. Also, when she went to  school, she missed a lot of lessons because her living was more concentrated on attending various auditions and acting jobs. When she was a baby girl, she admitted that one of the main inspirations on her were Puffy and The Notorious B.I.G. When she ended study at high school, Aubrey O’Day started learning drama and political sciences.

Her most important breakthrough in the entertainment biz happened in 2004 when she get an appearance  on the MTV’s reality show called “Making the Band 3”. During the show’s 2nd season, Aubrey O’Day was invited by the magazine called “Blender” to become cover model for their September edition. Thus, after that she started her career as a model which is one of the mainly important sources of Aubrey O’day net worth today.


Aubrey O’day Net Worth is 4 Million Dollars Approx.

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